Rise of the Runelords


The glassworks was locked. The party gained access to the Glassworks and found that the safe was sitting ajar.

There were dismembered bodies and a strange statue in the main works area of the Glassworks. The party was also attacked by a number of goblins who were causing havoc. The party found an unknown wand with two charges and some goblin slicers. Tsuto was also present, but managed to escape without being apprehended.

Ameiko was found knocked out and tied up in the basement of the building. She said her brother had allied himself with Nualia, the former priest's daughter. The basement had tunnels leading out from under the Glassworks, but these tunnels weren't explored.

There was also a journal containing maps of Sandpoint that appear to be plans for an attack on the town. Journal also contained erotic drawings of a woman. The journal refers to Malfeshnekor and Lamashtu.

Nualia's base of operations appears to be the Thistletop goblin encampment.


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