Rise of the Runelords


The glassworks was locked. The party gained access to the Glassworks and found that the safe was sitting ajar.

There were dismembered bodies and a strange statue in the main works area of the Glassworks. The party was also attacked by a number of goblins who were causing havoc. The party found an unknown wand with two charges and some goblin slicers. Tsuto was also present, but managed to escape without being apprehended.

Ameiko was found knocked out and tied up in the basement of the building. She said her brother had allied himself with Nualia, the former priest's daughter. The basement had tunnels leading out from under the Glassworks, but these tunnels weren't explored.

There was also a journal containing maps of Sandpoint that appear to be plans for an attack on the town. Journal also contained erotic drawings of a woman. The journal refers to Malfeshnekor and Lamashtu.

Nualia's base of operations appears to be the Thistletop goblin encampment.

Local Heroes

The party went to investigate the graveyard, based on the information from the goblins. At the graveyard, the door of the tomb of the former priest had been tampered with. He died in a fire at the old chapel, and his daughter, Nualia, was also believed to have died in the same fire, but her body was never found.

Inside the tomb, the party was attacked by skeletons, and his remains had been removed. There was a robe with a faint necromantic aura found in the tomb as well.

Ameiko Kaijuitsu has given the party free board and lodging at her inn.

Aldern Foxglove, who the party saved during the attack on the town, gave each member of the party the gift of a horse.

The party heard the story of Chopper, who lived on the island called Chopper's Isle. He started to creep into the town at one point and carve birds on to anything and everything. A serial killer killed 25 people in one month, including the former sheriff. The criminal was believed to be Chopper, and the killer removed the eyes and tongues of the victims, and used them to build an altar to a demon.

The party fought off a goblin that had taken up residence in a house, and had begun trying to eat members of the family.

The sheriff introduced the party to Shalelu Andosana, a ranger. She has been exploring the outskirts of the town and has found that the five goblin tribes are working together in their raids. This is very unusual, and very bad. She was able to provide information about the goblin tribes.

The sheriff is leaving town for a few days to see aid in the city of Magnimar. He has asked the party to maintain a presence in Sandpoint in his absence to keep things under control.

The party was asked to rescue the town baker's daughter who had been kidnapped by goblins. The party found and killed the goblins, rescuing the girl, finding a bag of magic sand with a faint transmutation aura, and a wand of cure light wounds.

On returning to town, the party found out that Ameiko hasn't been seen all day. On investigating, they found a note from her brother asked her to come to the family's Glassworks business to deal with an issue relating to her father's involvement in the recent attacks.

Festival and Fire

Everyone had come to Sandpoint for the Swallowtail festival that celebrated the opening of a new temple in town.

Sandpoint is a town on the Varisian Coast, known for "The Old Light", one of many Thassalonian ruins in the area. The Thassalonian Empire ruled this area many centuraries ago, and the significance of the ruins is now lost in the mists of the past.

Sandpoint is a stop on the coastal road between the cities of Riddleport and Magnimar. Riddleport has a large Thassalonian archway that spans the entrance to its harbour. Magnimar is built around a wall-like Irespan, another Thassalonian ruin of obscure origin.

During the festival, the town was attacked by a number of goblins, from various different tribes. The party fought back against the goblins, and the remaining goblins fled to the north. Some goblins were captured and interrogated by the party, and the goblins said that they'd been orderer to kill the townspeople and raze the town to the ground.

The goblins claimed that their leader was a "longshanks", but they don't know the name. During the attack, the leader had gone on a secret mission to the town graveyard.


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